How much do you Charge for a full wedding day?

You can view pricing detains here.

What is your style?

My wedding photography style is informal and fun. I class myself as a documentary photographer, to me this means I like to capture the day as truthfully as possible. My goal is for you to remember the day as it happened when you view your photographs, and not the time the photographer made you hold a flower and stare wistfully out of the window. Having said that I do throw in a few shots that may need some direction, for example portraits of both of you together. I try make this as painless as possible!

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! I am based in the Bristol area but frequently travel for weddings. I have shot weddings in London, South and North Wales, the South West, Midlands and East. Travel is free up to 50 miles from Bristol. I do charge for travel and accommodation for any weddings more than 50 miles from Bristol.

Do you do group shots?

Ah the dreaded group shots! No wedding day would be complete without them, and they can’t be avoided. I do do group shots, but I try limit these to under eight if possible. Anything bigger than this and it can have an impact on the day, it’s not fun for you, me or the guests. If you require a large number of these types of shot then I am probably not the right photographer of you!

Do we receive every photo that you take on the day/how many photos do we receive?

I take a lot of photos on the day. You will receive 300+ of these, which I will select and edit. I do not deliver every photo I take as I take a lot of test shots, and multiple shots, and also try ideas I might have that sometimes don’t work. I am by no means frugal with the images I provide.

Can we hire two photographers?

If you have a larger wedding, or would like two photographers for your big day then I can arrange this at additional charge and subject to availability. An second photographer for the whole day is £200

Can we print our images and put them online?

Yes! In terms of copyright you are free to use your images as you please, as long as they are not used for commercial purposes. I don’t watermark any of them, and you can put them online, print them, and even make yourselves a snazzy t-shirt if you wish!

I retain the right to use the images on my website and for any marketing or commercial purposes as needed.

Do we need to feed you?

I never turn down a meal at a wedding! It is not a necessity by any means so I leave this up to you. I do not need to be seated with your guests, so don’t worry about me taking up any valuable space on the seating plan! I am happy to bring my own food, as long as I know before hand so I can keep fuelled.

How do we book you?

You can contact me here to enquire about availability and  get in touch about your big day.